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Thekstategeek is new and improved. TECHTOIT.COM

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

WE HAVE MOVED. Due to our unexpected success, we have changed domains and moved to a “big boy” server. If you reach this page via a search, or reference or anything really, then click the link below to take you to our new site – TECHTOIT.COM. New logo, new slogan, new look, new feel… it’s the real deal.



Top 8 Apps to Make Your iPhone a Better Phone

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

This is the second installment to the Appsessed series where I create top 10 lists of apps based on different interests, hobbies or careers. This edition pertains to every iPhone owner who wants to make their device a better device. 2 of the following are replacements for the stock applications that come on the phone, and the others supply additions to the iPhone’s already wide repertoire of features that I feel are essential on a smart phone.

1. Converter+ Free – Your tile restoration company needs you to mix a chemical that is applied by mop to the surface of a waxed surface to rid the floor of wax, but are unsure how many quarts of water to use for every gallon of chemical. Using too much could destroy the floor and cost you your job, so its essential you find the right amount necessary. Well pull out your iPhone! This converter supports all of the world’s currencies as well as units of power, pressure, temperature, volume, bytes, weight and more.

2. iTranslate Free – You meet a woman on your trip to France but unfortunately you don’t speak French. Good thing for you, there’s an app for that! iTranslate supports 52 languages and even allows for smoother translation with text-to-speech using one of 43 different voices in 16 languages.

3. iWallpapersHD Free – Getting bored with that stupid surfer default wallpaper on your brand new iPhone 4 you got for Christmas? Download this gallery of high-definition wallpapers and find something a little more fitting for your personality… like an abstract photo of dust particles catching light.

4. Docs To Go $9.99 – Taking a train to Berlin and need to type up a quick proposal or take some notes for that important business┬ámeeting in a half hour? No fear, pull out your iPhone and open up this feature-packed app that allows you to read PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents, or create your own Word or Excel document.

5. Tip Calculator Free – You take the lady out on a nice dinner and receive the check but don’t know how much to tip. Don’t fret, pull out your iPhone and allow Tip Calculator to run the numbers for you. Simply select how good the service was (a 5 star system) and the total of the bill and boom! Tip.

6. Ringtone Designer Pro $.99 – Everyone who owns an iPhone knows that one its main downfalls is its poor excuses for stock ringtones. So instead of putting up with the twinkling fairy every time you get a phone call, open this app and create your own custom ringtone using your favorite song!

7. Pulse News Mini Free – Are you a very well-informed person? Would you like to be? Now you can with Pulse News Mini. This free, innovative app allows you to select multiple sources that appear in a carousel-type fashion. The bits of news appear as an image with a caption, as if to bait you and if it does in fact bait you with its title, then press on it and the level of the carousel (or the source) will drop and the article will appear above it available for you to read in all its glory.

8. iMovie $4.99 – This is a companion app to the HD recorder on the iPhone created by Apple. Although it has a decently hefty $4.99 price tag, it is made for a multi-touch device – allowing you to trim lengths of video, swipe to split clips and pinch to zoom into timeline.You can also set a theme which includes a matching set of titles and transitions plus its own soundtrack. You can add music of your own and then share it to the world via YouTube, email or MMS.

Top 10 iPhone Apps for College Students

January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

This is the first in what will be a series of app lists exclusively for select groups of people called Appsessed. If you want me to generate a list based on one of your interests, hobbies or careers, contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

Yes that’s a toga party above, the epitome of the college scene.

I, being a college student myself, as well as a self proclaimed app connoisseur, searched and searched for a list of apps that would help me in my position. Unfortunately Google could not help me in the search for such a list and so I decided to help everyone after me who has once inquired the same. So after many unnecessary dollars spent and an hour or two of free time consumed, I have put together a list of the top 10 iPhone apps for college students (and lucky for you, half of it is free!):

1. Wolfram Alpha $1.99 – This little godsend has helped me on many math assignments. It’s simple user interface could be navigated by my 11 year-old sister, but the application is powerful enough to show me step-by-step how to solve my Calculus problems.

2. Facebook Free Social networking is everything these days and college is no different. Take a break from using Wolfram Alpha for a bit and find out where the [safe and perfectly legal] party is at.

3. iLoader $1.99 – Many exciting things happen in college and with the 5 megapixel camera on the back of the iPhone 4, its easy to capture those moments (not to mention its HD video recording capabilities). With iLoader, you can easily upload multiple photos and videos to your Facebook profile in minutes.

4. StudyBlue Free The StudyBlue app is integrated with the “cloud”-like, online, user-generated study materials uploaded to The StudyBlue app does require you to have an account on their website, but its free. Now you can study on the toilet, in the locker room and any other ridiculous places that you can think of.

5. Flashcards Deluxe $3.99 – Sometimes they are things that have to be studied using flashcards instead of note sheets and for this there is Flashcards Deluxe. You can create your own deck of cards on the device, via notepad on your computer or simply download a deck created by someone else in the same class. The $4 was worth the A I got in my entomology identification class due to using this program religiously.

6. Around Me Free When your stomach is grumbling at 2 AM after whatever mischief you’ve been up to around campus, open up this free app and find something that sounds good. The best part? You can input how far you are willing to go for late night cuisine. Or how about if you are on the road to see your buddy at his school in the next state over, but need gas and don’t see a gas station anywhere around? Around Me can help you with that as well.

7. Pandora Free Music soothes the soul, and around finals week your soul will need lots of soothing. So while you are laying on the couch in the lobby or reading up on Scandinavian war ships in the 1700s in the library, open up Pandora and allow the program to create the perfect playlist for your mood. All you have to do is pick what band or song you want to begin with and Pandora will do the rest for you.

8. FreeWhile reading up on those Scandinavian war ships, you come across a handful of words that you have never heard before. Instead of skipping over them and risk losing grip on complicated concepts, get a leg up on your crazy topic. Know what you’re reading. I use when writing in particular to make sure I don’t just fabricate words.

9. Checkbooks $1.99 – This handy application helps you keep track of your money. As a student in college, we are all about being frugal and if you aren’t, you should be! But with this program you keep track of all transactions, checks, withdrawals and deposits on multiple bank accounts from within the same interface so that you can keep track of those late night food runs.

10. W&Y Pages FreeAlthough the Maps application that comes preloaded on the phone allows you to access the address and phone number of certain businesses that you inquire about, this gives a simpler interface for finding that information. In addition to commercial phone numbers, the W&Y app includes residential listings.

Thus concludes my list of essential apps for college students. Keep in mind that these apps are not iPhone exclusive, and can also be accessed on both the iPod Touch and the iPad (mind you, that to include these as well would have made the title a bit cluttered). Enjoy!