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Thekstategeek is new and improved. TECHTOIT.COM

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

WE HAVE MOVED. Due to our unexpected success, we have changed domains and moved to a “big boy” server. If you reach this page via a search, or reference or anything really, then click the link below to take you to our new site – TECHTOIT.COM. New logo, new slogan, new look, new feel… it’s the real deal.



iOS 4.3 will include photo-heavy features: FaceTime for iPad, PhotoBooth and PhotoStream service

January 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Apple’s developer release of iOS 4.3 Beta 2 has provided solid evidence that the iPad2 will have at least one camera. This release included a home page icons image that’s used in the wallpaper settings, showing the standard icons on your choice of wallpaper to preview how your choice will appear (any iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad user should be familiar with this). On the image provided, 3 new icons were discovered: FaceTime, Camera and PhotoBooth. The Camera app doesn’t necessarily discern whether there will be a front and back-facing camera set, but it implies there will be at least one on the device. FaceTime is by no means a surprise, but helps to cement the addition of a camera to the hardware, considering the use of FaceTime on the next-gen iPad has been discussed feverishly for the last few months.

PhotoBooth is a nice complement to the camera. I have been wishing for the inclusion of Apple photo editing software in one of the firmware upgrades for a while now, and am happy to see PhotoBooth ported from Mac OS X to their handheld series. For those of you unfamiliar with PhotoBooth, the primary feature that will be transferred to iOS is quoted [from their website] as:

The fun begins.

Sure, you can take regular photos, but the real fun starts when you use the cool effects and backdrops in Photo Booth. Snap a photo of yourself at the Eiffel Tower or in outer space. Twist and twirl your smile with the strange Twirl effect. Add an artistic look with the Colored Pencil effect. Experiment with all the effects to transform your look.

Many third-party developers have created their own renditions of photo editing apps for the App Store, but I feel as if PhotoBooth will be the perfect solution. (Then again, I loved iMovie, but it wasn’t received too terribly well.) The last chunk of the photo features rumored/confirmed to be arriving in iOS 4.3 lay in what has become known as PhotoStream. The following is speculation from 9to5Mac, written by Mark Gurman, and I felt it was incredibly interesting:

Hidden deep in the iOS 4.3 file system is a new folder titled “Media Stream.” Within that folder is some information about “Photo Streaming.” From the looks of different alerts and plists, it appears that Apple will let iPhone users set up “Photo Streams” that friends could “subscribe” to. Also, it looks like there will be some privacy preferences related to this, so you can choose who is allowed to view your “Streams.”

With Photo Streams, you will also be allowed to “invite” other users to view your pictures as you take them and upload them to a service. This service looks like it is connected to MobileMe, and we speculate that “Media Stream” can be directly connected to “Find my Friends.” We think Find my Friends will be another aspect of Apple’s social network, a part of a free MobileMe, where you can choose to view your friends’ “Photo Streams” all on that same map. Apple has a patent on something called iGroups relating to this. This would clearly tie into the Mac and iOS photo app’s Places feature. From looking at the SDK, it looks like “Media Stream” could very well also have a plugin counterpart, like AirPlay, in 3rd party apps.

From the actual operating system, not the SDK, we could only find references and graphics relating to the “Photo Stream” feature, not the “Media Stream” feature in general. We speculate that Apple is currently working on “Media Stream” and this is going to go way beyond photos in the future. We think Apple will expand this to music and videos, maybe like AirPlay between mobile iOS devices where you can watch or listen to your friends’ media and of course Apple will provide easy buy links to iTunes.

I actually hope that Mr. Gurman is correct in most of his theories. Sounds like a fantastic step forward out of Apple Nazi-dom and into a more people-friendly space. Besides, Facebook is good and all, but I would love to see Apple create a legitimate contender.

[Sources: TUAW, MacRumors, 9to5Mac, Apple]

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Girl Scout cookies get their own app

January 14, 2011 Leave a comment

What are America’s past times? Baseball? Corndogs?  The NFL? How about Girl Scout cookies? Girl Scout cookies are delicious. And in order for those little wafers to be delivered by the hands of small angels in green uniforms, it actually takes a bit of finesse and business  know-how. Instead of carrying around all those ugly forms on that god forsaken clipboard, Girl Scouts can now use their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch! By creating a profile, a Scout can see who hasn’t paid, what hasn’t been delivered and how her goals are being met. She can also send e-mails to her cookie recipients, thanking them for gorging themselves on Thin Mints.

The app itself is not to bring a new-age approach to selling Girl Scout cookies, for it certainly does, but instead it teaches the girls the skills required in business: supply management, goal tracking and inventory maintenance. So before you cry foul to those third-party developers (it wasn’t actually created by the Girl Scouts), understand that things are changing. All it takes is an Apple toy with a $400 price tag to help kick start your daughter’s education, and brings her that much closer to following in daddy’s footsteps.

Get the app here.

[Sources: Switched]

More high profile gaming on the iPhone: Devil May Cry 4 & Resident Evil

January 14, 2011 2 comments

Two of Capcom’s major players in the video game industry are coming to iOS within the next two months. Resident Evil Mercenaries is coming sometime in February and Devil May Cry 4 Refrain will be on the App Store by the end of the month.

Devil May Cry 4 Refrain

The 3D action game follows the same plot as its older console brother with players controlling Nero instead of Dante. Nero’s arsenal includes guns, a sword and his demon hand. The gameplay is simple, composed of 10 maze-like levels, some ending in huge main bosses while some just have smaller ones along the way. Any enemy that Nero destroys drops red orbs that can be used to upgrade and unlock new attacks. The initial game will be released at the end of this month for $6.99 and will be followed up by updates that add new content. Slidetoplay’s preview:

The game certainly looks good, with Retina-rich graphics and some quality animation. We’re not sure yet if the rhythm of the console game will come across well in the handheld version, since Capcom iPhone games like Resident Evil 4 and Dead Rising Mobile have recently emphasized their quick playability over depth.

Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs

Fans of the Resident Evil series probably recognize Mercenaries as the unlockable bonus mode awarded for beating the game. It offers a faster, more action-heavy alternative to the slow, intense horror-survival gameplay. Resident Evil Mercenaries is Capcom’s first foray into online multiplayer titles on the iOS platform. Using Game Center, you’ll be able to match up and play against friends or complete strangers in two-on-two team battles or four player free-for-alls, in which the objective is to score the highest by killing zombies and the other players. This is Capcom’s third installment to their Resident Evil for iOS series with RE: Degeneration and RE 4: Mobile Edition preceding it (big shoes to fill). In addition to the online mode, their are two offline single-player modes – a training mode where you play against AI opponents and coin shoot mode (where you shoot blue coins dangling from string around the level). Slidetoplay’s preview:

Despite the choppy preview build, we couldn’t be happier that Capcom is taking Resident Evil online on the iPhone. Only having one arena and two playable characters is a bit limiting, but Mercenaries mode on the consoles is known for being endlessly replayable. If more options arrive down the line in the form of updates, we can see this being a pretty spectacular online shooter.

ASUS kicks off presentations at CES 2011: 4 tablets in the coming year!

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

At 5:12 PM yesterday, Chairman Jonney Shih stumbled onto stage to begin the keynote presentation for ASUS. After talking up how well the company did in 2010, he announced the first of 4 new ASUS tablets to be released in the first and second quarters of 2011: the Eee Pad MeMO.

The specs read at a Galaxy Tab-esque 7-inch screen, a Snapdragon processor running Android 3.0, 1.2 MP front-facing camera and a 5 MP back-facing camera (including LED fash). The big pull with the Eee Pad MeMO is the Bluetooth MeMic “media phone extender” accessory that allows the tablet to double as a cellphone (making calls and sending texts) and the stylus optimization. Just a hunch, but the name Pad MeMO might be making a reference to the eerie techie-likeness to a memo pad, and ASUS capitalizes on this by showing off apps that heavily utilize handwriting and drawing such as the Media Note notetaking/scrapbooking app and Painter (you can guess what this is used for). The Pad MeMO is set to be released in June with a $499 price tag.

The next tablet gives new meaning to tablet PC: Eee Pad Slate. The Core i5-powered Windows 7 tablet is the only tablet is ASUS’s lineup not to feature the new Android tablet OS Honeycomb. Chairman Shih dubbed it the “most powerful tablet in the world” and the specs certainly back up this extravagant statement. Running Windows 7 Home Premium; containing either 2GB or 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 32GB and 64 GB storage options; Bluetooth 3.0, mini HDMI out; sporting a memory card reader and a 2 MP camera with flash; displayed brilliantly on a 12.1″ WSVGA 1280×800 capacitive touch screen. The inclusion of a Wacom digitizer allows you to use a stylus to take notes or draw pictures (like the MeMO).  During the presentation, they played a video in 1080p while actively using a piece of photo editing software. The main drawback with this powerhouse is the $1,000 base unit price. ASUS says an updated unit can be purchased for a mere $100 more.We can expect this tablet later this month.

Third up is the unique Eee Pad Transform that is essentially a touchscreen tablet with a keyboard dock. The actual 10.1″ screen is what holds the guts of the machine, a Tegra-2 processor (1080p and dual core support) running Honeycomb, dual cameras (1.2 MP and 5 MP once again), 16/32/64GB storage options with 512MB/1GB memory. If you attach the tablet to the keyboard, the battery life increases from 8 hours to 16 hours. The ports include a 2-in-1 audio jack for headphones out and mic in, an SD card reader and a mini HDMI output. The Transform will range from $399-$699 in April.

The last and most sexy in my opinion is the Eee Pad Slider. This has essentially the same specs as the Transform but instead of having a detachable physical keyboard, ASUS has hidden it underneath the screen. In order to access the keyboard, you slide the screen up, and tilt it… like HTC’s Tilt. It is incredibly thin at half an inch (same thickness as the iPad) given that it hides a peripheral such as a keyboard, and weighs only 2.2 pounds (slightly heavier than the iPad). About the only difference in specs as far as I could see from looking at the comparison, is the absence of a 64GB model of the Slider. However, the Slider will make its way to shelves in May for $499-$799.

The ASUS Honeycomb UI skin is known as My Wave and apparently has a highly customizable interface… then again it IS Android afterall, and with the array of tablets they showcased ASUS is obviously trying to tickle everyone’s fancy. ASUS’s lineup may have been sleek and attractive, but only time will tell if they can top top competitor’s soon-to-exist models such as Vizio’s VIA tab…

[Sources: Engadget, Gizmodo]

Top 10 iPhone Apps for College Students

January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

This is the first in what will be a series of app lists exclusively for select groups of people called Appsessed. If you want me to generate a list based on one of your interests, hobbies or careers, contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

Yes that’s a toga party above, the epitome of the college scene.

I, being a college student myself, as well as a self proclaimed app connoisseur, searched and searched for a list of apps that would help me in my position. Unfortunately Google could not help me in the search for such a list and so I decided to help everyone after me who has once inquired the same. So after many unnecessary dollars spent and an hour or two of free time consumed, I have put together a list of the top 10 iPhone apps for college students (and lucky for you, half of it is free!):

1. Wolfram Alpha $1.99 – This little godsend has helped me on many math assignments. It’s simple user interface could be navigated by my 11 year-old sister, but the application is powerful enough to show me step-by-step how to solve my Calculus problems.

2. Facebook Free Social networking is everything these days and college is no different. Take a break from using Wolfram Alpha for a bit and find out where the [safe and perfectly legal] party is at.

3. iLoader $1.99 – Many exciting things happen in college and with the 5 megapixel camera on the back of the iPhone 4, its easy to capture those moments (not to mention its HD video recording capabilities). With iLoader, you can easily upload multiple photos and videos to your Facebook profile in minutes.

4. StudyBlue Free The StudyBlue app is integrated with the “cloud”-like, online, user-generated study materials uploaded to The StudyBlue app does require you to have an account on their website, but its free. Now you can study on the toilet, in the locker room and any other ridiculous places that you can think of.

5. Flashcards Deluxe $3.99 – Sometimes they are things that have to be studied using flashcards instead of note sheets and for this there is Flashcards Deluxe. You can create your own deck of cards on the device, via notepad on your computer or simply download a deck created by someone else in the same class. The $4 was worth the A I got in my entomology identification class due to using this program religiously.

6. Around Me Free When your stomach is grumbling at 2 AM after whatever mischief you’ve been up to around campus, open up this free app and find something that sounds good. The best part? You can input how far you are willing to go for late night cuisine. Or how about if you are on the road to see your buddy at his school in the next state over, but need gas and don’t see a gas station anywhere around? Around Me can help you with that as well.

7. Pandora Free Music soothes the soul, and around finals week your soul will need lots of soothing. So while you are laying on the couch in the lobby or reading up on Scandinavian war ships in the 1700s in the library, open up Pandora and allow the program to create the perfect playlist for your mood. All you have to do is pick what band or song you want to begin with and Pandora will do the rest for you.

8. FreeWhile reading up on those Scandinavian war ships, you come across a handful of words that you have never heard before. Instead of skipping over them and risk losing grip on complicated concepts, get a leg up on your crazy topic. Know what you’re reading. I use when writing in particular to make sure I don’t just fabricate words.

9. Checkbooks $1.99 – This handy application helps you keep track of your money. As a student in college, we are all about being frugal and if you aren’t, you should be! But with this program you keep track of all transactions, checks, withdrawals and deposits on multiple bank accounts from within the same interface so that you can keep track of those late night food runs.

10. W&Y Pages FreeAlthough the Maps application that comes preloaded on the phone allows you to access the address and phone number of certain businesses that you inquire about, this gives a simpler interface for finding that information. In addition to commercial phone numbers, the W&Y app includes residential listings.

Thus concludes my list of essential apps for college students. Keep in mind that these apps are not iPhone exclusive, and can also be accessed on both the iPod Touch and the iPad (mind you, that to include these as well would have made the title a bit cluttered). Enjoy!

The iPad 2 speculation and rumor guide

December 29, 2010 1 comment

iPad2 mockup from Pinoytutorial... looks a lot like the Notion Ink Adam but you never know!

The iPad was one of its kind. It broke down the barriers between smart phone, netbook and laptop and made room for tablet. It was elegant, it was sleek, it was powerful and it was innovative. So in other words, it was another brain child of Steve Jobs.  The rumor mill has been smelling of Apple lately, and this article is here to gather all of the latest, most reasonable reports from around the web. This is the iPad2 speculation and rumor guide.

  1. The Japanese Mac blog MacOtakara spread word that the iPad2 will have a flatter backside and smaller bezel around the edge as well as a larger “wide-ranged speaker” located behind the mesh speaker grille.
  2. Digitimes has cited a report from Chinese news portal Economy Daily News that states Apple’s next-gen iPad will ship with a front-facing camera for video calling, USB ports, a carbon fiber body and thinner glass, Apple’s Retina Display, and new 3-axis gyroscopes for major tablet physics gaming targeted at a younger crowd.
  3. A rear-facing camera and a slot on the lower left that could potentially be an SD card slot (*gasp*) is predicted by many sources based on the string of third-part cases that have already been produced for the next Apple tablet.
  4. A columnist from InfoWorld predicts a faster A4 chip on board which improves speed and fluidity of navigation, as well as a 128 GB model. (Seems simple enough, his justification is that Apple always ups the ante with each new generation of device and the last iPad maxes out at 64 GB of storage.)
  5. Cult of Mac reports that investment firm Detweiler Fenton states that a 5 MP camera on the back is likely.
  6. A Reuters report cites four anonymous sources that claim to have insider info on five of Apple’s suppliers:
  • Touchscreen chip designer Wintek
  • Battery maker Simplo Technology Co Ltd
  • AVY Precision, an unlisted maker of covers for electronic products
  • Camera module makers Genius Electronic Optical Co Ltd and Largan Precision Co Ltd

Lastly, it is all over the net that the iPad2 will be unveiled sometime around the aniversary of the first iPad… this April.

UPDATE 1/5 Another iPad 2 case showed up at CES 2011, this one sporting the same features as the others: a spot for both of the cameras and a slot along the bottom for a bigger speaker. Seems like these features are almost solid, otherwise the Chinese manufacturers are chasing a very large fantasy.